Anna Holland

Over the years, I have been drawn to the study of antique and ancient beads and artifacts.  The impetus and inspiration for my jewelry designs is fed by the fascinating history and stories behind these pieces of stone, shell, glass, and metal that are decades, centuries and, at times, millennia old.  My unique creations combine beads, amulets, pendants, and other relics from various ages, cultures, and religions into one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings, which individuals around the world purchase both for adornment and as collector pieces.  Occasionally, I offer unique pieces from other selected designers, as well as original antique ethnic jewelry and collectible beads.

My travels, combined with personal relationships with traders and collectors from Africa, Central and East Asia, the Pacific Rim, and Latin America, allow me to obtain the highest quality materials for my creations.  Meeting and becoming friends with so many people who share my love and interest in ethnic jewelry has been a blessing.  In fact, it is quite natural to find traders from Mali, Nigeria, and other countries visiting my home, with tubs of beads and artifacts from around the world.

Mark Holland, my husband and business partner, handles the promotional and financial aspects of the business, allowing me the time to follow my passion by creating jewelry where antiquity meets modern style.

I have participated in a number of juried arts shows, and my work is currently on display in a number of galleries around the world.  My studio is filled with the incredible energy of the artifacts I use in my creations.  Who fashioned these pieces, who wore them over the years, will never be known.  But we invite you to experience them first-hand.  Stop by if you are visiting or live in Boulder, but please let us know in advance - info@dorjedesigns.com or 303.494.0184.  We hope you will have the opportunity to share our love of these unique works of art from throughout the ages.

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Our sincere thanks to Melanie, our mentor and friend. We couldn't have started this venture without you.

And additional thanks to Elizabeth, Sara, John, Carl, and Audrey at Africa Direct. Your help and ideas have been invaluable.

With gratitude, we donate 10% of our profits
to relief agencies in countries
where our beads and artifacts were
originally created and worn.

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